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What does your car mean to you?
Car MaintenanceHow you view your car may determine how well you tend to treat it. If you see it as a mere conveyance, you may give it little thought. If you consider it a proud possession, you probably will be more attentive. But no matter how you relate to your vehicle, it is important to care for it in specific ways that will maintain its reliability, preserve its drivability and protect its resale value.

This section explains each service that most vehicles require. We talk about why it is important, how to determine if it is needed and how often it should be done.

How to wax your car
Car PolishingWax your car regularly. Wax helps to protect the paint, minimizing harm from chemicals and protecting the paint from fading; plus the car looks shiny. It takes only about 30 minutes to wax a whole car and high quality car wax stays on the car for three - four months. So far, I haven't seen a single product that stays for life time as you may have heard in some commercials - nothing lasts forever. In order to maintain protective coat any product needs to be reapplied periodically.

Waxing gives your car natural shine and helps to protect the paint from harsh environment. When applied, the wax forms a thin transparent layer over the car paint. This layer covers minor scratches, stone chips and other damages, making them less visible. The wax also 'seals' the paint, preventing water from contacting the bare metal exposed in deep chips and scratches, slowing down the corrosion process.

For best results, a wax needs to be reapplied regularly - none of the available car wax products will stay permanently on your car. From my observations, a good-quality car wax stays on the car for about three-four months, so if you wax your car at least every three months using a good product, you'll be OK.

To wax your car you will need some good quality wax (e.g. Carnauba wax), a small soft sponge and a clean soft cloth towel. Your car must be very clean and dry. I usually wax my car right after washing it at the coin car wash; the whole process of washing, drying and waxing takes about an hour.
Make sure to choose the right product - you need the wax with no abrasives. Read the directions on the package for any specific product and test it on some small area first.
Park your car somewhere in the shadow - usually it works better when the car surface is cool to the touch. Work on one section at the time, for example, on one fender or door.
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