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Waterless Car Wash

Waterless Car Wash with its ‘no scratch formula’ and trigger pack makes it easy and safe to regularly wash your car without having to use any water. Unlike some other waterless products EUROGOLDSUPER Water spray Cleaners & Polish leaves no white speckling or residue and gives a brilliant clean, with no streaks or water spotting.EUROGOLDSUPER Waterless Spray Cleaners & Polish effortlessly cleans up mess, stains and odours from having food, pets or dirt in your car, plus leaves a fresh fragrance, so you can always feel comfortable being in the car.

- Sparkling Painted surface clean finish
- Effortless sly remove dirt & stain from interior
- Streak free
- No water spotting
- Just spray on and wipe off
- Safe for all interior and exterior car finishes
- No abrasive
- Fresh clean fragrance
- Easy application
- Scrubber on lid for tough stains
Waterless Car Wash

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